Update of Teurgia website: 31 of October 2020
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Update of Teurgia website: 31 of October 2020

straj porogaWe introduce the Teurgia.Org website update in English. The update illustrates the "Guardian of the Threshold" image. The author of the illustration is Ekaterina Miroshnichenko. The color image is available in our gallery.


The articles in this update focus on the topics of astral plane, occult philosophy and astrology.


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Occult philosophy
The plurality of personalities — Sar Dinoil
On the four temperaments from the book by Sar Dinoil.


Astral, lucid dreaming
Preliminary exercises, Vision — Sar Dinoil
Technique for the development of astral vision according to the technology of Sar Dinoil.


The meaning of the Unconscious — Sar Dinoil
Essay by Sar Dinoil on the importance of the unconscious for the development of memory and other astral abilities.


Astral — Sergei Tukholka
Essay by Sergei Tukholka on the essence and structure of the astral plane.


Physiognomy and planets — Margherita Fiorello
The following is a quick and rough translation from Giovanni Battista Della Porta’s Della Fisonomia dell’uomo: in fact the Neapolitan philosopher deeply studied the physiognomy.

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