The meaning of the Unconscious — Sar Dinoil
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The meaning of the Unconscious — Sar Dinoil

The meaning of the Unconscious


Sar Dinoil


It would be a mistake to think, as the old school argued, that memory and thinking are exclusively conscious abilities. On the contrary, most fruitful ideas are not the result of logical thinking, but, on the contrary, spontaneously emerge from the depths of the Unconscious (the so-called "intuition"), and then are already supported by logical arguments. This is so true that people often do not want to give up even illogical, false ideas, and try to justify them at all costs.


Remembering is usually also done unconsciously.


Here are two examples to illustrate this. It often happens that during a conversation we suddenly forget something, most often some name, house number, etc. All attempts to voluntarily recall fail, but, for the most part, we immediately recall the forgotten if let the Unconscious do it, that is, we will stop making an effort to try to actively recollect and, as if nothing had happened, we continue the conversation.


It also often happens that we perfectly play a memorized piece or recite poetry until we make a conscious effort, but if something distracts us, then a conscious effort to remember completely spoils the matter of remembering and the best way to help grief is to start all over again and without doing much efforts to unconsciously try to "slip through" the difficult moment as soon as possible.


Things that have been completely forgotten are easily recalled in a state of hypnosis and self-hypnosis by suggestion (after waking up), in a state of concentration, in a dream, in a half-asleep state, when falling asleep and waking up, and even when concentrating on magic mirrors, crystal balls, etc.


Thus, it is proved that forgetfulness does not really exist.


We hope that readers will be able to benefit from this observation (see self-hypnosis in lecture 5, hypnosis and suggestion in lecture 9, and hypnagogic state in lecture 7 for details).


Excerpt from Sar Dinoil's "Developing of astral abilities"

Translated by Eric Midnight, October 2020

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