The power of desire for praise and vanity by Victor Turnbull
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The power of desire for praise and vanity by Victor Turnbull

The power of desire for praise and vanity

The immense power of desire for praise. Its preservation and application

Each of us can recall those moments when he spoke or wanted to say about something that, in his opinion, could give him some meaning and convince other people of his spiritual superiority, efficiency or prudence. This urge is a desire for praise. It predominates in man and is present even among animals. Since this feeling is characteristic of all of humanity, then, consequently, one should not be ashamed of this feeling, since it is completely natural. For us, however, it has the importance that it is a powerful force, which we sometimes allow to act against ourselves. If the average person has an opportunity to tell something that could bring him honor, then, of course, he will feel an irresistible desire to tell friends and acquaintances about it as soon as possible, and he will take the first opportunity to free himself from this tormenting need. And you will meet more than 90% of such people who do not realize that this desire for praise is one of the most powerful forces of nature. They do not realize that this desire makes them often act against their will and always contrary to reason. Seeking approval and praise, they instead very often receive either an indifferent attitude towards them, or a condescending smile. Mostly, you should not lose sight of that this subtle and almost irresistible force is a psychic (spiritual) current that you can use to your advantage, instead of wasting it, weaken and discharge yourself with a crackle like the crackle of a spark. electric machine, and thereby weaken yourself.


Beware of losing this power

We must firmly remember that as soon as you have a desire for praise, this very minute try to suppress it. Avoid satisfying this desire with all your might, even in the most necessary cases. If this turns out to be very difficult for you, then this serves as proof of the presence in you of a powerful force that seeks to unite with another, opposite, psychic (spiritual) force. Resist the urge to crave praise from others, and you will be able to develop the ability to attract.

You will soon notice a big change


If you follow our rules exactly, you will soon notice a big change in yourself: you will feel an influx of this conscious dignity, power and sense of strength. After each conscious suppression of the power of the urge for praise, you will feel power in your nerves. Then, you will notice a great change in others towards you. First of all, you will see their heightened desire to be near you. They will try with all their might to make you talk and be with them. Strictly follow the rule - "do not satisfy idle curiosity", and you can always easily increase and maintain this influence. Let your friends be surprised, but in no way let them know that you are doing this on purpose.


Translated by Eric Midnight, 2021

The text was prepared by the Teurgia.Org team, 2021

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