Personal magnetism — N. B. Butautas
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Personal magnetism — N. B. Butautas

Personal magnetism


by N. B. Butautas


One of the important moral qualities of a person, originating in Mentalism, is the so-called personal magnetism, thanks to which the person who possesses it more or less easily and successfully attracts the sympathy, friendship, love and trust of other people.


In order to develop this quality, this power, first of all, one must have health. Health is the primary and absolutely necessary condition here. One who is in good health should keep it carefully. Whoever has it loose in one way or another should use all means to restore it. Personal magnetism is a product of nervous energy, and this latter is unthinkable without health. “A healthy mind is in a healthy body” - says the oldest Latin proverb. From all this, it follows by itself the need to avoid all physical excesses (in food, drink, time, etc.) and to develop correct and definite habits based on reasonable hygiene.


So, if an individual has health and has the willpower to preserve this precious quality in himself, then he can easily achieve perfection and primacy among people.


Further factors in the development of personal magnetism in oneself are the eyes, hands and voice.


A calm and confident look that expresses self-confidence instills confidence in others.


Soft, calm movements, with a harmonious voice and expressive diction, produce an effect that is retained for a long time in the memory of people who had any contact with such a subject.


Counterbalance these qualities with eyes running in all directions, a breaking voice, erratic, awkward movements, and you can easily understand the enormous difference between two such opposite impressions from a person.


By unceasing development of unshakable willpower in oneself, capable of resisting various "life passions", a person gradually develops "self-confidence", does not rely on anyone, does not depend on anyone, relies only on himself. Since you can successfully do one thing, then, therefore, you should see it as proof that something else may be available to you. Don't give up if you fail. If there were no failures, then there would be no success.


A magnetic person who uses magnetism correctly does not know failure, he makes success out of everything.


Purpose is important to success in life. Do not be scattered in your desires, outline for yourself a certain goal in life to which you will strive. What this goal will be is up to you, but only it must be unconditionally honest and within the limits of the possible and achievable, for which direct, without any deviations, constant thought and absolute honesty are necessary. Actions, words, eyes, feelings should never be associated with lies, and even more so with evil.

Self-praise and self-respect, as well as exaggeration and diminution of the qualities of others, should not take place; flattery to anyone and under any circumstances should never be tolerated; sometimes you can even unwittingly flatter, so watch it carefully.


An even character, firm hope, courage and courage will undoubtedly help to achieve success; fear and despair only humiliate a person, paralyzing the actions of his other positive qualities.


Excitement or irritability are not good helpers in the struggle for success. Do not allow them to take possession of yourself, which is not at all so difficult for a person who watches himself and tries to develop willpower in himself.


One should not be afraid of the struggle against temptations - the struggle strengthens the will, nothing is given without struggle ... One should be afraid of the absence of struggle, weakness of character, in which a person seems to be going towards temptations himself.


From all that has been said previously, it can be seen that in order to develop a magnetic force in himself, a person must gather together all his positive qualities and with a firm will direct them, so to speak, for theoretical application in life, to combat the negative aspects of human nature. At the same time, it is necessary to remember that one must be able to distinguish between "will" from "stubbornness" and to distinguish between the concept of "to want" from the concept of "to desire". The first indicates a certain decision (magnetic state), and the second simply expresses desire, a manifestation of weakness. Through the first, success is achieved, and the second attracts failure, and, perhaps, something worse, for a stubborn desire to satisfy one's “desire” at all costs is a direct consequence of weak will, inability to control oneself ...


True willpower is recognized in a person by his ability to subjugate (and control) the mind of those with whom he comes in contact, as well as by the influence he has on others. A powerful will makes a person capable of investing tremendous energy in a thought and not parting with it for a moment, until it is carried out, until the real result of the action of this thought.

It was often observed that the mere presence of a person with a firm and definite will inspired awe in those around him, that is, in people with weaker characters who have unaccountable respect and even reverence towards such a person.


The development of willpower is the responsibility of everyone who wants happiness for himself, his family, and also for humanity. Without it, a person cannot have either firmness or independence, he cannot defend himself or anyone, and also cannot give the truth the moral strength that is necessary in order to prevent others from enslaving him.


Willpower is developed and strengthened on the basis of the unity of the mind with the decisions of common sense. First you need to focus all your attention on the goal that you want to achieve, then think wisely and firmly decide - decide finally, without hesitation, and then persistently proceed to the final implementation of your decision ... Under no circumstances should you be discouraged by any difficulties that may be encountered on the way, and if you made a mistake - have the courage to admit it, do not persist in the error, but, on the contrary, hurry to correct it, trying to do everything on your own, without resorting to the help of others, because, doing exclusively on his own, a person acts directly on his own will - develops and strengthens it.


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© N. B. Butautas, the magazine "Mentalism" 1906-1909

Translation © Eric Midnight, 31 of August, 2020

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