Clairvoyance — A. Likhanov
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Clairvoyance — A. Likhanov



by A. Likhanov



There are two main types of clairvoyance: in time and in space. Clairvoyance in time makes it possible to see the past or to capture in the astral plane weak and imperfect reflections, the actions of the great law of cause and effect, those shadows that cast forthcoming events. In space, it allows a person to receive astral light vibrations from a great distance; also perceive these rays through solid objects, see thought forms, aura of people, observe aural colors and, thus, determine the quality of thoughts coming from people's minds.


The first exercise is the development of clairvoyance using instruments, which are: magic mirrors, crystal, glass and metals.


The simplest of magical mirrors is a glass filled with clean water. They put it on a white tablecloth, placing a lighting device behind it. You can also black out a quarter of the paper with charcoal or Italian pencil. The experience should be carried out with complete calm and concentration.


Looking at the center of the mirror for some time, you will feel a peculiar tingling of the eyes, which sometimes forces you to lower your eyelids and blink, which destroys the result of previous efforts.


The moment you feel tingling eyes, you must exert your will to prevent the eyelids from closing.


Thus, you should exercise once or twice a day, devoting each time to this lesson 10-15 minutes.


Second exercise. When you achieve success in the first exercise, you can leave the auxiliary devices (mirror, crystals, etc.) and begin to test the astral vision without any auxiliary devices.


Loosen your muscles, put yourself in a passive state, close your eyes and look intensely (with your eyes closed) forward, trying to carefully peer into the most delicate looming outlines on the screen of the eyelids covering your eyes. This exercise is best done at night, before bedtime, or in the morning immediately after waking up.


This exercise should be given 10 minutes each time. Having studied it, proceed to the next, third exercise.


Bring yourself into a passive state and look intently at any point. Experience should be done in the twilight. After a while, you will begin to see the aura surrounding the object that our eyes are fixed on. If you conduct such experiments with people, you will soon get the ability to see the so-called aural colors of these individuals, which can be used to judge the qualities and character of others. We give brief instructions necessary for practice regarding the meaning of each aural color.


Black - hatred, anger, etc. feelings.
Gray - selfishness, fear, depression.
Green - (dirty tint) - jealousy.
Black-green is a low deception.
Red is sensuality.
Raspberry - love.
Brown - avarice and greed.
Orange is pride and ambition.
Yellow is the intellectual power of mental ability.
Blue - religious beliefs, emotions, feelings.
Blue is spirituality.


Exercising in this way will make you clairvoyant. You just need to remember that nervous strength and the ability to control your senses play a big role. There are also other methods for the development of clairvoyance. As you know, the sense of mental vision is located in the spongy center (agneia chakram). To bring to mind the impressions of this plexus, you need to pass the kundalini through this center, or simply concentrate all the nervous power between the eyebrows, where the centers of spiritual vision (Shiva's eye) are placed. The result will be the better, the more we have at our disposal a dynamized nerve fluid (see breathing exercises) and the better we are able to focus our attention and isolate ourselves from the outside world (see psychic exercises). To achieve clairvoyance, yogis use attention to cardiac plexus.


Author © A. Likhanov
Article from Isis Magazine
Translated by Eric Midnight, June 2020

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