Magician's character — Eric Midnight
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Magician's character — Eric Midnight

Magician's character


by Eric Midnight


Magician's characterA true magician is someone who has complete mastery over oneself. He is neither a slave to his delusions, nor does he have uncontrolled emotions, sudden mood swings, exposure to social stereotypes, and an unexpected change of opinion.


For him, there is no such thing as “laziness”, “boredom”, “loss of strength”, and there is no such thing as “I can’t”. Does he immediately become such a person? Of course not. Each person has his own weaknesses. All people in their character have certain breaches that need to be worked out so that they do not fail at the most inopportune moment.


But how to become a "master of oneself"? How to overcome in yourself thousands of fears, which are often absolutely unreasonable? How to get rid of laziness and how to become a man of action, and not a man of constant fruitless dreams? Ordinary man dreams and fantasizes about the multiple changes that occur to himself, and, subsequently, to his life. But nothing changes.


Maybe one can try diving into the study of psychology and look for an answer to the question: “Why am I a lazy, feeble and absolutely uninteresting subject?” Many do not just turn to psychologists, but go to study psychology to cope with their problems. But in the end, psychotherapy process lasts for many years, and so on until the end of days, all that person gets in the end is the ability to tell everyone around him: “Now, I have become stronger, more balanced, and even learned to enjoy life. To all the failures taking place in my life, I now treat them as lessons. I learn from my failures.” However, this is aa very weak excuse. And, in reality, this is not the path of the magician. The magician must "be, not seems to be."


The magician acts very simply to get rid of his negative qualities. Firstly, he has an initial impulse which is the very quest of “becoming the master of oneself”. He repels from it. And then everything is even easier: he does not need to spend hours analyzing his past, analyzing how and with what he was “injured” in childhood. He draws up his natal chart. He looks at the position of the Seven Ancient Planets in this natal chart. He notes all the negative aspects, determines which of the four temperaments his character belongs to and in which Zodiac Sign he has an ascendant. So he gets an idea of the imperfection of his character and the origin of “gaps” in him.


He evaluates the tasks that he now faces, and chooses the influence of which Planets and Zodiac Signs he wants to attract into his astral body.


Then, the operational ritual work begins. First of all, he necessarily banishes the negative effects of the Element of Earth, otherwise its inertness will not allow him to dissolve the unnecessary aspects and thicken the necessary ones. Further work with the Elements includes the banishing of the element determining the usual temperament of the magician, since during his life this temperament was dominating his character. But none of the qualities of the magician should control him, since he is "the master of this small universe." And he will set it up as he wishes.


Then the magician starts with the banishing and invocation of the Planetary and Zodiac influences. He will first have to cast out the influence of that Zodiac Sign, in which the Sun is located in his natal chart. This Zodiac Sign dominates his character, and if he is Capricorn, he sees everything through the prism of representations peculiar to Capricorn; if he is Leo, then he sees everything through the prism of Leo. If so, then he has not yet acquired an objective view of himself and others. What kind of change of character, in this case, can we talk about?


The task of choosing new Planetary and Zodiac influences is quite simple. Let’s say, if the magician was not inclined to communication, and he currently needs this skill, then he invokes the astral influences of the Gemini; if he lacks aesthetics, then he invokes the influence of Taurus; if he needs more self-confidence, then this problem is solved with the help of the astral influences of Leo; and so on and so forth.


In general, after regular ritual practice, the magician will completely change his habits, way of thinking, attitude to the outside world and the way he communicates with it. After all, he possesses powerful tools that affect the hidden part of his character. He himself will forget about what he used to be, and all his friends will certainly be surprised at the significant changes in him.


In other words, a character change for a magician is a task to be solved “with a wave” of the Magic Sword and Wand. Having direct access to the source of his character, he completely captures it and puts under his absolute control, at his service.


© Eric Midnight, for Teurgia.Org, 2014

 Translated into English from Russian by © Viktoria Polikarpova & Ankit Sinha, 20.09.2019

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