A medical prescription written by Dr Papus: rare document
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A medical prescription written by Dr Papus: rare document

A medical prescription written by Dr Papus

  rare document


 prescription written by papus 2

Translation from French to English:


Winner of the Paris Hospitals award
Former Head of the laboratory at the charity hospital
Former medical advisor of Saint-Jacques Hospital


5, Rue de Savoie, 5
PARIS (6th arrondissement)
Thursday, from 2 to 4 o'clock
Phone number 816-09


July 7, 1910



Your friend can be cured by homeopathy, but in addition to the disease, the patient also suffers from the occult influence that need to be overcome. If you find a homeopathic doctor who can cure her, it will be for the best; if you do not find one, we will begin her treatment here.


Please accept
my best wishes, mademoiselle.
G. Encausse


Clinic: Monday to Friday,
from 3 to 4 o'clock
16, Rue Rodier


Scan of a rare document from the Teurgia.Org collection.

Decryption and translation of the document is made specifically for Teurgia.Org, 2019.

We are grateful to Steeve Fayadas for helping us to obtain this document.


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